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Quality of life comes from active living. By supporting our resident’s physical and cognitive needs, we can promote an enjoyable lifestyle of healthy living. There is significant betterment that can come from engaging in meaningful social and emotional interactions with others. A small group of residents with consistent, supportive caregivers fosters the comfort and security that comes from familiarity and proven dependability.

This is our beautiful Home, with plenty of yard space and a deck that runs the length of the house.

We create gardens that include flowers in the front, with all the organic vegetables in the back.   In the fall we will will be canning all that we don’t eat during the summer.  We also have recently added a new sidewalk that goes right out to the parking for easy wheel chair access and loading.  Soon we will add a sidewalk that goes all the way around the perimeter of the property.

We have a large yard for our beautiful Collie dog Luna to play in.  We get many birds throughout the year to watch.

The dining room accesses the deck for outside dining pleasure, or just a sit out, where listening to the ocean is nice since it is only just over on the other side of the street we live on.

Such beautiful sunsets to enjoy every evening from the dining room window.